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Swell-resistant core boards and allround edge impregnation ensure reliable edge swell protection. Parador laminate floors can be combined with hot water underfloor heating systems without hesitation, thus reducing heating costs.

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Parador offers a variety of laminate floors - from the classic wood decor through to design floors. Find out here everything about the optical and technical features of our laminate floors. Furthermore you will be given tips about 001 3 m4v and care.

Laminate flooring has long since freed itself from its natural predecessor, engineered wood — not least because of its high resilience and easy maintenance, which also makes it suitable for heavy duty demands in intensively used rooms.

These days laminate flooring is experiencing a higher level of appreciation than ever 001 3 m4v is seen as a worthy alternative to real wood floors. Laminate flooring from Parador is accorded a special role in this development.

Due to our wealth of experience with wood and the latest technical expertise, we are in a position to produce authentic interpretations of high quality timbers and also transform other classic materials like stone and concrete into laminate flooring realistically.

What is more, imaginative graphic motifs and decors from reputable international designers allow us to open up fascinating new design options.

Laminate flooring is made almost a hundred per cent out of wood and is therefore a material and inspiration at the same time. Together with the high density wood fibreboards, the decor papers enable high quality timbers to be interpreted authentically. But other materials, such as stone or concrete, can also be found among our true to nature laminate decors 001 3 m4v their different formats, installation and joint patterns.

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Parador laminate floors are distinguished by a functional composition and intelligent technology. For example, our patented click system guarantees easy installation, edge impregnation protects against moisture, and the wear-resistant top layer made of melamine resin ensures very high durability.

Our wear classes show that the floors are also suitable for heavy duty use. Our sturdy connections, which ensure fitting accuracy and stability, are crucial for a long-lasting, resilient result. Parador laminate floors are low on emissions and allergens 001 3 m4v ensure a pleasant indoor climate. We are happy to demonstrate this by only using materials that are healthy for the home.

Furthermore, increased conductivity reduces electrostatic charge. Our laminate flooring is very durable and easy to clean, meaning that it is perfectly suitable for households with 001 3 m4v, children and allergy sufferers.

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Through the design of the surface, we create a large number of installation 001 3 m4v that interpret classic engineered wood floors or inspire fantasy patterns. Parador laminate flooring is available in the following installation patterns. Besides the decor and plank format, installation look and surface texture, the joint pattern also determines the characteristic look of the floor considerably. Whilst a jointless installation creates a calm, closed impression, an installation with joints underlines the individual character of the planks.

With a choice between various joint patterns, Parador further extends the scope to create individual designs. The all-round grooved long and end edges produce an installation pattern with the charm and elegance of a real wood floor, as every single plank stands out.

The right plank 001 3 m4v for every decor and plank look. Parador laminate flooring Basic M4V comes in the following formats:. Parador stocks a wide range of matching skirtings for every laminate decor.

Alternatively, the special colours, stainless steel, white and black as well as the Hamburg skirting allow you to make a conscious 001 3 m4v and create an individual design. No matter which format you opt for: What is more, the mouldings are easy to fasten and assemble using the practical clip technology. The moulding clips with a cable routing depth of 5 mm or 10 mm are ideally suited for covered cable installation.

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The SL 2 decor skirting board is a discreetly rounded profile for your floor. It gives your room a modern ambience. 001 3 m4v 2 saves space with its narrow width.

It is easily fitted with the aid of our green clip. The SL 4 decor skirting board is a curved, unobtrusive profile for your floor. It gives your room a classic, homely ambience. SL 4 saves space with its narrow width. It is easily fitted with 001 3 m4v aid of our red clip. It gives your room a modern, elegant ambience.

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The SL 18 decor skirting board is a straight, sleek profile for your floor. With its narrow width, the SL 18 is equally as space-saving but higher than the SL 6. The SL 3 decor skirting board is a straight, sleek profile for your floor.

SL 3 saves space with its narrow width. It is 001 3 m4v fitted with the aid of our orange clip. The quarter round profile is the decor profile for 001 3 m4v discreet finish. With a height of only 14 mm, this profile is the most space-saving of our decor skirtings.

The profile can be fastened using adhesive, nails or screws depending on requirements. Clips are not available for it. The profile of the Hamburg skirting is a timeless classic.

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This profile gives every room style and a homely ambience. The Hamburg skirting makes an accented, elegant finish.

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The HL 1 is our Hamburg skirting with the lowest height. The HL 2 is our Hamburg skirting with a medium height.

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It is easily fitted with the aid of our green clip. The applications of our products are as varied as the products themselves.

To enjoy your new floor for years to come, as a matter of principle a suitable underlay should be used between the installation subfloor and the flooring product.

Parador provides the right products for every application. The underlays supplied by us reduce ambient and impact noise, whilst compensating for slight uneven patches in the floor. With an integrated 001 3 m4v barrier, the right underlay ensures the necessary moisture protection on mineral subfloors.

If an underlay is used on mineral subfloors without a moisture barrier, a PE film must be used in addition. Parador laminate floors are made almost one hundred per cent 001 3 m4v of wood.

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They are coated with melamine resin and are extremely durable. Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and brush is basically recommended.

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In case of damp cleaning, no puddles should develop; abrasives, floor wax, steamers and polishes should not be used. Stubborn stains are best removed using a cloth soaked in solvent. Acetone, nail varnish remover or white spirit, for example, are suitable for this purpose. Wipe off sand and dirt using a doormat, as both act 001 3 m4v sandpaper. To prevent mechanical damage such as scratches, chairs and tables should be fitted with soft felt pads.

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Parador 001 3 m4v floors are characterised by their particular durability and value retention. Unlike real wood floors, laminate flooring does not change its original character. Before installation, the planks must be left to acclimatise and be kept for at least 48 hours in their original packaging at 001 3 m4v place of installation.

As well as a firm, dry and clean substrate, the right underlay plays a crucial role. It compensates for slight uneven patches and ensures the required moisture protection on mineral substrates when an integrated moisture barrier is used. If an underlay is used on mineral substrates without a moisture barrier, a PE film must also be used.

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Special Parador acoustic products reduce both ambient noise and 001 3 m4v noise. Once the underlay has been installed, work can be started on the actual installation of the laminate floor. In the case of a floating installation, the laminate floor is installed without being firmly fastened to the underlay.

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