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Kenya 's 1st census, incounted 5. Development planning began in ; the current 5-year plan stresses manpower, capital, and land development, mainly in the West. The government considers population growth an obstacle to meeting educational, health, housing, food, and employment needs.

The government intends to reduce population growth to 3. Life expectancy is currently Most health problems relate to childbearing, communicable diseases, malnutrition, and poor sanitation. The current development plan strives to expand services in 1 staff training, information, and education, 2 monitoring and evaluation, 3 contraceptive delivery, and 4 increasing family planning acceptors.

Aidyn josh unprotected women desire 7 children and usually have 8. Aidyn josh unprotected government is trying to improve the status of women through education and employment, with the expectation of reducing fertility levels.

Abortion for contraceptive purposes is illegal; sterilization and contraceptives are available. Neither emigration nor immigration are significant in Kenya. Urban growth is increasing too rapidly and the government's policies to correct the population distribution inequity include 1 urban development, mainly in Western Kenya ; 2 encouraging agricultural development; 3 development of export-oriented, resource based, and labor intensive industries; 4 funding development sites outside of Nairobi and Mombasa; 5 stimulating growth in undeveloped areas; 6 improving roads, rails, and ports; and 7 providing adequate water, housing, and energy.

The Kenya coast is bathed by the northward-flowing warm waters of the East Africa Coastal Current, located between latitudes 1 and 5 degrees S. With a narrow continental shelf, the coastal marine environments are dominated by coral reefs, Aidyn josh unprotected beds and mangroves, with large expanses of sandy substrates where river inputs from Kenya 's two largest rivers, the Tana and Athi rivers, prevent the growth of coral Aidyn josh unprotected.

The northern part of the coast is seasonally influenced by upwelling waters of the Somali Current, resulting in lower water temperatures for part of the year. The coast is made up of raised Pleistocene reefs on coastal plains and hills of sedimentary origin, which support native habitats dominated by scrub bush and remnant pockets of the forests Aidyn josh unprotected used to cover East Africa and the Congo basin.

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The marine environment is characterized by warm tropical conditions varying at the surface between 25 degrees C and 31 Aidyn josh unprotected C during the year, stable salinity regimes, and moderately high nutrient levels from terrestrial runoff and groundwater. The semi-diurnal tidal regime varies from 1. Fringing reef crests dominate the whole southern coast and parts of the northern coast towards Somalia, forming a Aidyn josh unprotected barrier to the wave energy from the ocean.

Coral reefs form the dominant ecosystem along the majority of the Kenya coast, creating habitats for seagrasses and mangroves in the lagoons and creeks protected by the reef crests. Kenya 's marine environment faces a number of threats from the growing coastal human population estimated at just under three million in Extraction of fish and other resources from the narrow continental shelf, coral reef and mangrove ecosystems increases each year with inadequate monitoring and management structures to protect the resource bases.

Coastal development in urban and. Astana is the capital and second largest city of Kazakhstanwith a population of aboutIt was founded as a fort in on the Ishim River by Siberian Cossacks, and became a railway junction in the early 20th century. Astana became the capital of the newly-independent Kazakhstan in These two images were acquired March 20, and September 5,cover an area of Baikonur, formerly Leninsk, is a city in Kazakhstan rented and administered by the Russian Federation to service the Baikonur Cosmodrome where Sputnik launched in Jordan Country Analysis Brief.

Aidyn josh unprotectedunlike its immediate neighbors, does not possess significant Aidyn josh unprotected resources. Oil shale resources have the potential to increase Jordan 's reserves significantly, and the country plans to build the first oil shale-fired electricity generation facility in the Middle East after There are other important factors influencing the U.

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