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Allies raw sharing message was reinforced hours later as the US increased sanctions over Russian interference in the elections, and accused Russia of a cyber-attack against its energy grid and other infrastructure. The statement — described by Downing Street as the first time the leaders of the four nations had spoken together in such a way — marked a toughening of the rhetoric against Moscow, which continued to insist it had nothing to do with the attack.

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Nerve agents are not hard to make in principle, but in practice it takes specialised facilities and training to mix the substances safely. The raw materials themselves are inexpensive and generally not hard to obtain, but the lethality of the agents means they tend to be manufactured in dedicated labs. The main five nerve Allies raw sharing are tabun, which is the easiest to make, sarin, soman, GF and VX. VX is particularly stable and can remain on clothing, furniture and the ground for a long time without proper decontamination.

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All pure nerve agents are colourless organophosphorus liquids which, after they were discovered to be highly poisonous in the s, became the dominant chemical weapons of the second world war.

Once made, the substances are Allies raw sharing to disperse, highly toxic, and have rapid effects. Most are absorbed swiftly through the skin or inhaled, but they can also be added to food and drink.

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The agents take their toll on the body by disrupting electrical signals throughout the nervous system and the effects are fast and dramatic. Victims find it increasingly hard to breathe. Their lungs produce more mucus which can make them cough and foam at the mouth.

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They sweat, their pupils constrict, and their eyes run. The effects on the digestive system trigger vomiting. Meanwhile the muscles convulse. Many of those affected will wet themselves and lose control of their bowels.

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