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School of History, Archaeology and Religion. I am broadly interested in the cultural, religious, and political history of the seventeenth- and early eighteenth centuries, with particular interest in cultures of movement.

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As part of my current project, I am also increasingly interested in the history of emotion in the early-modern period, specifically the role of fear and anxiety in shaping early modern life as part of the wider globalisation process.

My teaching is largely focused on early-modern Britain and Ireland, with particular interests on the wider cultural and religious contexts of Europe and the North Atlantic.

I am happy to supervise research students with interests in these fields and transnationalism in the early-modern period more generally. With particular focus on the Irish element, this research has Mark william s travel me to interrogate the ways in which issues of mobility, disillusionment, dishonour, and cultural encounters impacted upon notions of identity and belonging more generally in the early-modern world.

This research also charts the creation and employment of confessional connections with European courts through common Catholic networks, managing the image of Charles II's court among these Continental communities, engaging in the production of pro-'Anglican' propaganda and shaping destructive post-Civil War acts of remembrance among the exiles.

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By reconstructing the mental worlds of these Irish royalists with sensitivity to the impact of exile and dislocation within foreign political Mark william s travel, the study demands a more nuanced and complex understanding of the formation of early-modern mentalities which accounts for such formative influences as memory, geography, confession, and social influence across transnational dimensions.

My current project builds upon my interests in transnational history and mobility to incorporate and extend recent Mark william s travel interest in the history of emotion. Building on recent cultural histories of fear and anxiety, as well as influences from the history of psychology and sociology, I seek to chart the connections between an increasingly-mobile society and the emotional impact s which this brought to the fore.

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These include anxieties over religious 'corruption', threats to gender boundaries, familial disintegration, and community cohesion. Central to this is a re-conceptualisation of 'cosmopolitanism' as both a lived experience and practice in the early-modern period, and a recovery of the Mark william s travel through which people understood and opposed it. The project foregrounds individuals and communities within three of the major trading companies of the period: Spanning nearly years of nearly unbroken records, the dagboeken of the WCA will be transcribed and digitised as part of assembling the most substantial data set of weather patterns and human engagement with climate in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Available for postgraduate supervision. Research interests I am broadly interested in the cultural, religious, and political history of the seventeenth- and early eighteenth centuries, with particular interest in cultures of movement.

Education and qualifications B. Date Type Selected Williams, M. Translating the Jansenist controversy in Britain and Ireland.


English Historical Review Williams, M. The inner lives of early modern travel.