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Squirting orgsm

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A squirting orgasm is Squirting orgsm female orgasm characterized by the squirting or gushing of a tasteless, odorless liquid from the urethra before or during climax. The squirting orgasm is usually reached through dual stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris, but some women can ejaculate through G-spot stimulation alone.

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Squirting orgasms are intensely pleasurable, more so than a regular clitoral orgasm, according to most Squirting orgsm who experience them. A squirting orgasm may also be called female ejaculation, gushing, or squirting.

The squirting orgasm is possibly one of the most elusive phenomena in female sexuality. Sexologists and scientists interested in female sexuality have not yet agreed on whether it actually exists or not, despite ample Squirting orgsm that women can and do squirt or gush liquid during orgasm.

This liquid is not urine, even though women may feel like they need to urinate before they squirt.

That said, the exact nature and composition of the fluid is a matter of some scientific debate. There are several techniques to achieve a squirting orgasm.

Most of them involve direct stimulation of the G-spot. While some sexologists believe that all Squirting orgsm have the capacity to squirt, few women experience squirting orgasms.